Clever designers have carved an impressive amount of interior room from a handy footprint. Supportive, comfortable seats and plenty of space for passengers means time spent in the Nissan Tiida is time well spent.

Brighten up your day or night with the inviting interior ambient lighting
located around the centre console. A luxurious touch indeed.

Tiida allows each of the front occupants to set a different microclimate for their side of the vehicle. Each temperature setting automatically adjusts to ambient changes so the climate remains as you like it.

With the standard Intelligent Key in your pocket or your bag, you’ll be able to unlock and enter the Nissan Tiida with a single press of the button. You’ll never have to rummage around for your keys ever again.

Step into you new Nissan Tiida for a seamless start. With the Stop/Start button, there’s no need to search for your keys: it only takes the push of a button to start your engine and be on your way.

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