Sturdy construction with clean, modern looks creates the perfect combination for your everyday needs on the job or for recreation.

Bring up to 15 passengers along for the ride with plenty of legroom to keep everyone comfortabl

At Nissan we emphasise high levels of safety for your increased peace of mind – as well as that of your passengers. Our Triple Safety approach begins with Information Safety, to forewarn the driver. Control Safety provides systems to assist driving behaviour in avoiding accidents. And Impact Safety components help to reduce injury in accidents.

The driver and front-passenger seats feature seat belts with pre-tensioners that “cinch” up the seat belt when itsenses an accident is imminent. In certain situations, load limiters are designed to allow the belts to have some “give”, reducing the possibility of injury from the seat belts themselves.

2 point seat belts on every seat help to keep everyone safe in the event of a collision.